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Heather Pirie-Hill

Welcome! I am a leadership coach, performing songwriter, and  guide who inspires others to realize their dreams, clear their blocks and trauma and open their heart to love and compassion. I help people rise so they can shine in the world. Bringing curiosity, creativity, and intuition, I work with individuals and groups to connect with their deep longings, blocks, and emotions to recover their gifts and live their life on purpose and plan. I have the honour of witnessing stories and holding  a safe and compassionate space for my clients as they explore and open up to their highest potential.

I have a diverse past which enables me to bring my work to a wide range of clients. I began my classical piano/vocal training at an early age and have never stopped learning, writing and performing. After completing my postgraduate music, art and business degrees, I spent 20 plus years in high tech in product marketing and venture capital. When I became a mom, I began to write my own songs and heal myself. My gifts began to emerge  in clearing old patterns, trauma and imprints for myself. Eventually, leadership coach training enabled me to help myself and others navigate their lives and revisit/rewrite their stories from victim to abundance. 


Greatest hardship, greatest learning.

I came from a small town called Woodstock in the 60s. I had a pretty ordinary childhood with a strong family and lots of opportunities. I spent my youth from 3 years old to 18 working towards my Classical Piano Performance Degree. At 16, I failed my exam by one mark. This failure lead to a breakdown because I simply couldn't practise any harder or better. After this sadness, shame and loss, I found the gift - my true love for music. With this new resolve and gratitude, I retried the exam and had an incredible outcome. More importantly, I had a deeper understanding of discipline and love for who I was becoming. Since I couldn't see how to make a living, music became my side gig and I moved on.


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