"It may be that when we no longer know what to do, we have come to our real work and when we no longer know which way to go, we have begun our real journey." ~ Wendell Berry


Welcome! I am a leadership coach, energy healer and performing songwriter who inspires others to open their heart, activate their light, and find love and compassion for themselves. I help people rise so they can shine in the world. Bringing curiosity, creativity, depth and intuition to my interactions, I help others connect with their deep longings, blocks, emotions, gifts and purpose. I have the honour of witnessing stories and holding my clients as they explore and open up to heal. 

I have an unusual and diverse past which enables me to bring my work to diverse audiences. I began my classical piano/vocal training at an early age and have never stopped. After completing my music, art and business degrees, I spent 20 plus years in high tech in marketing and venture capital. When I started having my family I began to write my own songs and heal myself. Eventually, leadership coaching emerged so that I could help others navigate their lives and revisit/rewrite their stories.


Greatest hardship = Greatest learning

I came from a small town called Woodstock in the 60s. I had a pretty ordinary childhood filled with a good family and lots of opportunities. I spent my youth from 3 years old to 18 working towards my Classical Piano Performance Degree. At 16, I failed my final exam by one mark. This failure lead to a breakdown because I simply couldn't practise any harder or do any better. After this sadness, shame and loss, I found the gift...my true love for music. With this new resolve and gratitude, I retried the exam and had a successful outcome. More importantly, I had a deeper understanding of discipline and love. Since I couldn't see how to make a living, I left music and moved on.

How does one choose? All these things and more...

After this musical journey, I wanted to pursue academia. I thought I would study French, then Law, then Business, then Art, English, Philosophy, Computers, then Psychology. How do I choose? A few post graduate degrees later (English, Psychology and Business), I found my way into telecom, high tech and venture capital. The high tech industry was exciting as the Internet, wireless phones, applications and software were gaining momentum. After twenty plus years in software and venture capital, I left management and went looking for my next adventure. While I had made a good living, I wanted something else. 

The Vision

One night in England, while doing business development with one of my tech partners, I had a clear vision that came with a symbol that showed me that if I was continuously creative I would be grounded and grateful. I knew what I had to do... I had to leave my career and figure out my purpose and soul's plan. I sold my possessions and went backpacking through many beautiful parts of the world. I started meditating, praying, writing, and singing melodies. Once I returned to Toronto I began to perform again, write my own music, and expand creatively in all directions.

Inner Leadership - Why play small?

I met my husband while in tech; and his adventures and entrepreneurial courage fuelled me to try it too. After two cities (NY, Toronto), two children, two full albums, there was still more for me. I loved being a mom, writing music, and helping great causes. I was also curious about leadership and what kept me from living my full potential and purpose. I wanted to support myself and my family and our emotional, physical, energetic, spiritual and emotional wellness. I spent the next few years studying psychology, leadership coaching and a number of healing modalities.  Best of all, I was growing my community of incredible humans. 

Reformed Overachiever

Today, I am a reformed overachiever, an aligned Enneagram Two (helper), a "Beauty" leadership type, a messy creator, an energy healer and a leadership coach.  I am embracing it all because my highest and best self craves a lot of variety and creativity in how I lead. My life's themes have  been about finding my purpose, self love and acceptance, while helping others to do the same. While my work is never done, I am living a full and happy life just as it is. If you relate to this discovery, I would love to hear about your journey.