One on One Coaching

Individual coaching for transformation takes a powerful stand for you as the client. You have a coach that witnesses your stories, dreams, fears, blocks, curiosities and helps you work through them to achieve what you want for you. 

We meet regularly and consistently on the phone or in person for an hour over a number of months.

  • In the introductory session, we learn about each other, create a baseline for the coaching, understand what success looks like and create a plan

  • In the Discovery Session we explore your story, values, life purpose, higher self, sabateurs and strengths

  • Each coaching session reveals your deepest longings, what's holding you back, what's possible as you begin to form new habits, new brain pathways and your new story

  • We develop a mental and emotional fitness regime in the form of a daily ritual 

  • Laser calls are designed to help you when you are triggered or stuck

  • Homework is your time to land your learning and grow yourself

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10 Pack 

Meet Your Inner Leader!

2 hour discovery session

2, one hour sessions per month

for 5 months

Includes laser calls, notes

training resources

25 Pack

Grow Your Leader, Change your Life!

4 hour discovery session

4, one hour sessions per month

lasting 6 months

Includes laser calls, notes, training resources

- PQ coaching, Story coaching, embodied coaching and emotional clearing

Group Coaching

The Shared Coaching Experience is for a curated group of people that want to explore a certain way of being and a topic of importance to them. The focus is on experiential learning and peer group dynamics. These group events are colead to provide a deep team experience with tangible tools for ongoing navigation. These sessions take place in corporate settings, offsite locations and outdoors on walking trails... whatever serves the topic and the stake of the experience. 

These sessions can be a 1/2 or full day or even a several day retreat.

  • This sessions focus on the whole person - landing the learning in the body, mind and spirit.

  • As humans learn differently, these sessions leverage many styles of learning and development

  • The participants all have the chance to be seen and heard

  • Buddy groups and mastermind sessions are formed to create a sustainable experience

  • Your investment varies based on the size of group, location, requirements, and coach/facilitator support.

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Full day shared experience:

8 hour session - 1x per quarter

Includes content development

Includes outreach/measurement 

Food, activities, resources vary based on requirements

Investment = varies on requirements

Safe Spaces
  1. We design an alliance together to ensure I can meet you where you are at and evolve as you do you like to be coached, what happens when things are hard, how do you best learn (moving or sitting), etc.

  2. Everything discussed and experienced is held in the utmost confidentiality.

  3. If you need an additional resource, like a therapist, I will provide referrals. Sometimes you may need a team and I can lend you mine!

  4. I am a member of the International Coaching Federation and follow their code of ethics to the letter:

  5. Coaching is in service of you. I give you full permission to explore in a safe space. I honour where you are at and will keep checking in.