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"Leaders grow leaders." Helen House, LA Redding

CTI Leadership Experience

Leadership Coach

Shifting Consciousness


I am so grateful to be alive in these times to witness the shifting consciousness on our planet. I am hopeful that as we  fall into greater love with ourselves and others, we will continue to be mindful of our planet, and tolerant of human diversity. I am excited to be part of these big shifts around inner leadership and the aligning the ego, the balancing the masculine and feminine, and further deepening our relationship with our higher self.

My life is devoted to creating, learning, healing myself and exploring ways to help others access their higher purpose, self love, acceptance and authority. I hope you find inspiration in this website, and I invite you to join me in deeper curiosity, connection and community through my personal sessions, online events, music creations and other resources. I wish you great peace and gentleness as we continue our work on being our best selves... body, mind, emotion, energy and spirit.

Tooled up for Leadership


I have always loved the study of leadership, awareness and reprogramming of our mental and emotional patterns. I had a career in tech, and I found that creativity, listening and being a helper were my favorite aspects of my career. While raising my kids, I happened on coaching. I wanted to learn some tools to help me be a mom who thrived and could raise amazing kids. I had no intention of being a coach. After loving the Co-Active coaching curriculum, I wanted to grow my own inner leadership and develop a number of new tools. Before you knew it, I was helping others lead.

My Inner Leadership Coaching practise helps leaders and entrepreneurs "know themselves": their purpose, mission, gifts, impact, vision and strengths. It gives them leading edge tools and processes I learned through my journey and my coaching certifications and education. After years in business and coaching, I have honed my process for helping my clients turn insight into behaviour so they can lead their life by design. 


Passionately Feel Your New Story


Coaching helps a person feel their new story passionately. Clients begin by understanding the stories they are holding onto and whether or not they are serving. Blocks and resistance are bound to emerge. As old stories are witnessed and released, and longings and visions are explored. Vision, purpose, gifts and superpowers are the revelations that change a client's life. For me, the coaching process and rigour is about the "Rise" so that a person can truly "Shine".


What Clients Experience... 

Coaching is about clients being completely seen and heard through their stories, experiences and presence. Clients are held in way that creates a safe environment to grow and evolve. Coaching is not about the coach teaching, giving advice, or counselling. Coaching is about creating a container to be witnessed, fiercely celebrated and grown, wherever the client is at.

Coaching that is fully in service of the client is an incredible experience. While there is a lot of great information available about why change is needed, it takes powerful inquiry, witnessing, accountability, and habit formation/reprogramming to achieve desired results. The journey to transformation takes many steps but the outcome is worth celebrating.

Sustainable Change

Effective coaching is about turning insight into real lasting change in the form of daily habits. Without this coaching becomes a good conversation. There are many important steps to creating sustainable outcomes. Consistent daily mental, emotional and spiritual fitness and bespoke leadership tools are required to truly help clients create the change they want. 



Its vital to select a leadership coach that approaches the objectives and key results of a client from the point of view of both the journey - how to get there and the outcome - the big win.   With Heather, she leans into her diverse background in product marketing, technology, venture capital, music, leadership modalities and spiritual wellness to create a customized performance enhancement path for anyone willing to genuinely commit to the work.  She balances the essence of who you want to become with the practicality of what you want to achieve and then compellingly, challenges you to make it happen.   Working with Heather has permitted me to continue to level up.  I use our learnings to better lead people with humility and intent and to never shy away from my ambitions while taking pride in the successes.  Transformational movement versus transformational moments is what she is preparing you for and this includes pushing you be accountable to the higher outcomes (trust, integrity, clarity) and ultimately to the become the best version of you.

May Katorji, CEO, The AKCESSIA Group & Mayk Ideas