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Sometimes you need a little help putting a program together to develop your people and your business. For these situations, I bring a wealth of experience from my 25 years of field experience with tech, start-ups, leadership and venture. When it comes to having to create new programs, visioning, team building, brainstorming, planning and executing something ground breaking, you want to develop an offering that is well rounded and using the leading edge tools and knowledge.

Leadership Coaching brings a toolkit to powerfully question and witness the client to unlock self acceptance and self authority in your team. The coach mines for the wisdom inherent in the client. Sometimes, the Leadership Trainor is required to bring content and learning to support the coaching. 

Having a number of tools and resources to provide further context and training to the client is critical. As a Leadership Development Consultant, I offer the following areas of expertise:

1. Business management/development experience 

2. Product management expertise

3. Startup/venture capital knowledge and experience

4. Emotions training

5. Story coaching

6. Positive Intelligence training - Mental fitness training

7. Enneagram 

8. Executive Leadership Development training

9. CTI Co-Active coaching and leadership 

10. Marketing and Strategy experience for early stage companies

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