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Women Who Thrive

Take your seat at the table...

Women Who Thrive: a safe, profound, diverse gathering of women who want to grow, find their voice, the boundaries, their gifts, and their community.

What is the Women Who Thrive?


Women Who Thrive (WWT) is for high vibe women who want to grow. We grow ourselves and others. It's about loving ourselves. We accept the full wonder and messiness of being a woman and we step into self authority around our impact in our family, community and career.


We are tending to deeper and resonant connections. We provide tools, resources and exploration. Everyone is welcome. Come as you are.

How does it work?

Leaders grow leaders. Given the odd time in our world, we are offering a Zoom call every other week to the WWT community interested in exploring topics that are sourced from our call.s 

These Zoom groups have two seasoned co-leaders and we create a safe and tended space for up to 20 women. When it is time, these Zoom calls will turn back into physical retreats. Between calls there is a Facebook group set up to share information and to keep the conversation going. 


Who is providing this Container?


Diana Petrini and Heather Pirie are Certified Professional Coaches and PCCs, who have had extensive careers as leaders in high tech. They now advise, coach and consult with business leaders and entrepreneurs within their own companies.

Diana is a Leadership, Executive Coach and the Co-Founder of whose mission is to support small businesses through coaching masterminds. She worked in corporate sales for over 20 years and her labour of love is coaching dating and relationships.


Heather is the Founder of her own Leadership Coaching Company. She spent 25 years rising to executive roles in both the software and venture capital arenas. She’s also an accomplished independent artist.


The Investment

The investment is your time and commitment. In the future, as we form Masterminds and Retreats, we will form other wonderful models.

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For High Vibe Women

Having a community of like minded, soul sisters is important when you are living a full life with full impact. There is always time to share, create connection and communicate what is on our hearts. Communities like these are called tribes...we cannot Thrive without them. They are our lifeblood. We are committed to the people in them. We grow ourselves and others. We are safe here and we try things out. Come see if this community is what you are longing for. 

Heather and Diana xo

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