The leap

You know when you are ready to grow your leadership when you have looked everywhere outside of yourself and not found what you are searching for. You aren’t showing up in the world with your full potential, strengths and life force; and, it is time to examine your life and find out why. You are curious about what is original about you, and how to take that insight and show up fully each day. You want to form lasting habits so you can make your full impact in the world.


That was me. I had many wonderful teachers, rich life experiences (like bungee jumping), and took all the best courses. One day I ran out of external options and validation. I had to look closely at my life. I discovered my own voice and story through deep listening, learning, longing and not knowing.  I settled into a daily practice...and a whole way of being that brings me great joy. I also found a trusted tribe that continues to grow me. After all, leaders grow leaders.


As I have shared my story and practise with others, I have developed and continuously evolve my offering to my clients wherever they may be at in their journey to impeccable, expansive leadership. I am a coach, trainer and guide that helps you find your way with rich leadership coaching tools, executive experience and holistic practises to grow, ground and liberate your life (so you don't need me at all). 

Take your leap off the edge of comfort...

Into the unknown...

"It may be that when we no longer know what to do, we have come to our real work and when we no longer know which way to go, we have begun our real journey." ~ Wendell Berry


Coaching Certifications

  • Certified Professional Co-Active Coach (CPCC) with Coactive Training Institute (CTI). The gold standard in coach training and certification

  • CoActive Leadership Experience (CLE) - one year of leadership training in North Carolina and online with the CTI Leadership Program.

  • Professional Certified Coach (PCC) with the International Coaching Federation (ICF) which is 500 hours of paid coaching hours with a minimum of 25 paying clients


  • MBA. Schulich School of Business - Strategy, Marketing

  • MA. University of Waterloo - English, Collaborative Writing/Rhetoric, Psychology

  • ARCT. (Associate of the Royal Conservatory) University of Toronto - Performance Piano



  • Reiki Level I and II certification - Aynsley Saxe

  • Spiritual Response Therapy 

  • Shirzad Chemin's "Positive Intelligence" Course for Coaches

  • Radical Wholeness Course - Phillip Shepherd

  • Great Story Coaching - Angela Trainor

  • Radical Compassion - Carol Ross

  • Enneagram - Moira Mccaskill

  • Akashic Records - Brynne Dippell

Work Experience

  • Leadership Coaching - founder - 6 years

  • Music Creation/Publishing  - founder 15 years 

  • Technology (software, venture capital, consulting) - product marketing, business development senior executive -  25 plus years



  • Roadhouse Healing Circle - weekly leadership and self healing circle

  • One Fire Movement - music and arts for peace - provide music, program support, marketing

  • Rainbows.org - facilitation for children having experienced loss

  • Snack program - ran whole food snack volunteer program in a local elementary school

  • Women's shelter - hugs, songs, gifts to women in crisis

What you may not know about me?

I am a singer-songwriter and have two albums and many singles:  www.heatherhill.ca


And, I like juicy conversations, hanging out with my kids, writing, nature bathing, running, sailing, skiing, adventure travelling, yoga, and wondering.


Standards of Presence

Standards are presence are the ways of being that I hold sacred when you are part of my leadership program. These principles are:

1. This work is about making conscious choices and being transparent.  


2. Permission is critical in order to work together - for me and you. 


3. The space we hold must be safe, clean and clear... assumptions, ego, sabateurs, and fears need to be named and neutralized.

4. A human is complex and beautiful in its wholeness: mind, body, spirit, emotions. This work focuses on the whole person.

5. The Co-Active (being and doing) model is the toolkit for transformation, dancing in the moment, witnessing the whole person, and you creative resourceful and whole... I hold you in the highest regard.

6. Impeccable leadership includes being impeccable with my word, not making assumptions, not taking things personally, and always doing my best. Thank you Don Miguel Ruiz and your Four Agreements!

7. I am committed to continuously growing myself. I help you rise, so you can shine.

8. I am committed to clean AIR - Accountability, Integrity and Responsibility.