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Money Flow

June 21, 2024 - 9am to 5pm
Blue Mountains, Ontario

with Heather Pirie & Petra Juulsgaard

She Leads - Mini Retreat in the Blue Mountains


Money Flow

Money is a reflection of your energetic exchange and  flow in the world. How is your money flowing? Is it only flowing out? Are you able to receive it so it can flow in? Or, do you have a leaky bucket? What are the holes in your money bucket? Do you know, operate and value your gifts in the world so prosperity can flow?

Money is a big topic and you have asked for it. Abundance and manifestation are very misunderstood and it is time to have a good look at some of your core beliefs about money, your stories, your limitations, and your thoughts about your gifts. Let's get together and work on our money stories so we can receive the abundance that is our birthright. Our businesses are ripe to receive. And, our prosperity prospers others.

We are going to ask some hard questions, witness you in your expressing your truth, celebrate you in your fullness and create your plan for expressing your gifts in the world. 

Enjoy from this day:

  • amazing nutritious food

  • outdoor activity 

  • Yoga/dancing

  • meditation/mindfulness

  • community with female entrepreneurs and leaders

  • beautiful setting to expand

  • gifts abound

  • sound experience

  • a day of executive coaching 

What you will experience:



Money flow

Are you wondering why money may not be flowing? Do you have stories about why and are ready to release them? Are you ready to receive more prosperity or more flow? Do you feel safe to receive? Do you know what you want? Do you value your unique gifts?


Leadership Tools

Learn to spot your triggers, and learn how to manage them. See how to fully receive what others have for you. Learn how you create a vision that works for you.



Experience embodied coaching with other like-minded women. Learn how to be served and to serve in a safe container. Feel warmth and connection while enjoying great food, fun activities in a beautiful location. 

Your Coaches

Heather Pirie and Petra Juulsgaard are both Certified Co-active Coaches with extensive careers in corporate and personal leadership. Heather and Petra are committed to helping women grow their skills and expand their inner leadership and how they lead in the world. They both have a passion for increasing  consciousness in business and life by embracing diverse leadership styles, balance, energy management, and zones of genius.

Heather Pirie is the founder of her own leadership coaching company with a focus on high tech and marketing leaders, artists and entrepreneurs. She brings her clients 25 years of software, venture capital, entrepreneurial and music creation and publishing experience.  She loves nature, creation, connection and traveling. She lives in Blue Mountains with her husband and two teenagers. She also holds an MBA, MA, CPCC, and PCC.

Petra Juulsgaard has over 25 years of international business experience working for KPMG. Her career with KPMG has spanned an array of roles across multiple countries.  She is currently the Head of Employee Engagement at KPMG International and President of the KPMG Global Resource Centre (GRC) in Toronto. She is passionate about driving human capital, leadership and employee engagement initiatives. She resides in Toronto with her husband and two teenage children. Petra is a CPCC and CPA.

Our beautiful food will be provided by local chef here in Blue Mountains.

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