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"There is nothing like writing and singing songs in my living room at twilight. My dog Fergus is nestled under my piano as the Blue Mountains are fading into darkness. The piano keys sound brighter and deeper, as my voice drifts off to find you. I imagine you listening and remembering as I sing to you. I see you there and I want you to know everything is going to be alright." 


Heather is published performing-songwriter living in Blue Mountains, Ontario. She recorded her first album “Listen” in New York (2004), her second album “Leuty Station” in Toronto (2012), and several solo and cowritten singles since then. She received her first cut in an off-broadway production in NY. She has a Factor-funded video, “Stupid Happy”. She just released a compilation album of  acoustic songs written over the past ten years entitled "We are the same" (May, 2022). Look for her next album release entitled "Twilight Mist", an adventure in sound therapy, launching in the fall of 2023. 

Heather has a classical piano performance degree (ARCT) from the Royal Conservatory of Toronto (U of T), a Master of Arts (English) degree from U of Waterloo and an MBA from Schulich School of Business. She has led the Toronto Songwriting Guild for more than a decade – a group of professional songwriters who are working on their craft. She is a member of One Fire Movement - a grassroots group of artists spreading peace through their art and activism. She has performed on TV, radio and live in venues across Canada and the US. 

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"For anyone familiar with the gothic inspiration of rural Ontario, “I Rise” contributes some of the most haunting representations of the beauty that can be seen throughout much of the province. Hill’s piano, mixed with acoustic guitar, adds depth to the lyrics that explore a humanity that is keenly observant, compassionate, and rooted in nature." Canadian Beats Media 

Canadian Beats Media