Leadership Coaching
What is leadership coaching? Leadership coaching looks at the entire leadership stance: the leader from within, out in front, beside, in the field, and behind. We look at the leader's impact, beliefs, strengths/weaknesses, purpose, vision, team, etc. We get curious about the stories we are telling ourselves, our blocks that are real and perceived, our longings and dreams, our potential impact.
Who is leadership coaching for? It is for you if you want more for yourself, some new tools/practises, and want to be witnessed in your process. You are ready and committed to taking a deep a look at every stance of yourself as a leader. I believe everyone is a leader. My coaching practise over the years has attracted management and entrepreneurs in marketing, technology, finance, academic and entertainment sectors. 
How, where and when is up to your preference. You can chose a one on one individual Zoom session for an hour twice a month for three or six months. You can also work in a group setting with other sharing the same challenge and journey. Retreats and group workshops are also available for a more in-person, experience. Your requirements and your budget will determine how we work together.   
Why leadership coaching is important? There are five primary reasons:
Tell your story. Your stories about yourself are powerful. Some of your stories are old and some aren't serving you anymore. You have the opportunity to remember your stories, review your beliefs and proceed with a new narrative reflecting your truth. 


Notice your blocks

Have you ever wondered if there is something or someone blocking your purpose, abundance, career, goals and unique impact? Every time you try to change, you feel that the same thing happens to stop you? Block busting is critical when you ready for transformation. We find your blocks and explore the parts that have been buried. We then create space for those blocks to shift.

Know your longings

It can be hard to get in touch with your passion and longings. It is time for powerful questions, compassion, reprogramming tools, space to dream/heal and to witness what wants to be created. What is your vision? Who do you need on your team? What is possible for you is limitless. 

Increase your impact and live your potential

Turn insight into habit with accountability, integrity and responsibility. This leadership coaching experience is designed specifically for you and offers extraordinary support on this journey. You will be able to live your life with fullness, abundance and sovereignty. 

Leaders grow leaders

We pay attention to what isn't working and get curious about mental, physical, emotional, energetic fitness. We create a daily routine, a plan and we constantly measure where we are. In time, we embody our learning and begin to grow leaders around us.

  1. We design an alliance together to ensure I can meet you where you are at and evolve as you do you like to be coached, what happens when things are hard, how do you best learn (moving or sitting), etc.

  2. Everything discussed and experienced is held in the utmost confidentiality.

  3. If you need an additional resource, like a therapist, I will provide referrals. Sometimes you may need a team and I can lend you mine!

  4. I am a member of the International Coaching Federation and follow their code of ethics to the letter:

  5. Coaching is in service of you. I give you full permission to explore in a safe space. I honour where you are at and will keep checking in.

Safe Spaces

Through regular one-one-one sessions, mastermind meetings, retreats and laser calls, you experience performance coaching tools to take insight and create action.

Performance Leadership Coaching

Customized Personal Plan

Receive a strategic plan with your vision, goals, values, and personalized tools. A lot happens during the coaching engagement. This plan provides you with the original coaching question, the plan, the tools and  measurable results. 

Continuous support

Outside of your sessions, it is critical to be able to be in regular contact to unpack what is showing up... from emotional triggers to exciting life events. Phone, email, video and in-person support is second to none.

What Clients Experience... 

Coaching is about clients being completely seen and heard through their stories, experiences and presence. Clients are held in way that creates a safe environment to grow and evolve. Coaching is not about the coach teaching, giving advice, or counselling. Coaching is about creating a container to be witnessed, fiercely celebrated and grown, wherever the client is at.

Coaching that is fully in service of the client is an incredible experience. While there is a lot of great information available about why change is needed, it takes powerful inquiry, witnessing, accountability, and habit formation/reprogramming to achieve desired results. The journey to transformation takes many steps but the outcome is worth celebrating.

Sustainable Change

Effective coaching is about turning insight into real lasting change in the form of daily habits. Without this coaching becomes a good conversation. There are many important steps to creating sustainable outcomes. Consistent daily mental, emotional and spiritual fitness and bespoke leadership tools are required to truly help clients create the change they want. 

How does a Coaching session work?

We meet regularly ( every two weeks) to move forward your actionable coaching topic:

  1. We set the intention for our coaching engagement

  2. We address our administration topics prior to our session (contract, payment, designed alliance, expectations, longings, what is success)

  3. We have a look at the homework if they was an action.

  4. We address each coaching topic in order of importance. Of course if something comes up that is important we coach to that. Note that we don't hold an agenda because what emerges is what is important.​

  5. ​Nearing the end of the session, we design the homework and measurable actions.​

What are some common topics?

Every client comes with a different coaching problem, but here are a few examples of topics that often come up:

  • Life Purpose

  • Sabateurs, Inner Critics, Blockers, Protectors

  • Inner Leader/Resources (the one who is curious, appreciative, intuitive, forwards/deepens, self-manager)

  • Values - Peak Experience, Suppressed, Invisible, Must Haves, Obsessive, Story

  • Great Story - 3 timelines (victim to abundant), hero’s journey

  • Vision - career, family, relationship, money, personal growth, physical environment, health, recreation

  • Team - who do you need to execute your vision?

  • Leadership Stance, Stake and Types

  • Assumptions - hidden

  • Impact and Stake

  • What is your why?

  • Plan and Measure

  • Daily Routine - alignment

  • Accountability, Integrity, Responsibility

  • Timeline, Resources

  • Wholistic stance – mind, body, energy, emotional, spiritual fitness

  • Resonance, choice, focus, clarity, commitment, action

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