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Are you ready to lead?

Let me help you Rise to Shine.




Coaching is about clients being completely seen and heard through their stories, experiences and presence. Clients are held in way that creates a safe environment to grow and evolve. Coaching is not about the coach teaching, giving advice, or counselling. Coaching is about creating a clean container for the client to be witnessed,  fiercely grown, and celebrated wherever the client is in their journey. Everything is welcome. 



Coaching that is fully in service of the client is an incredible experience. While most clients realize that change is needed, it takes powerful inquiry, witnessing, accountability, integrity, responsibility and habit reprogramming to achieve desired results. The journey to transformation is a daily practise, but the outcome of freedom and joy is worth it.


Sustainable Change

Effective coaching is about turning insight into real lasting change in the form of daily ritual and ongoing alignment. Without this, coaching becomes a good conversation. There are many important steps to creating sustainable outcomes. Consistent daily physical, mental, emotional and spiritual fitness and bespoke leadership tools/practises are required to truly help clients create the change they need and want. 



"Heather has a real gift. She is frank, insightful, and always on the mark. In a very brief period of time, she helped me to identify what it is I do and bring to my relationships and activities. Working with Heather opened an important door for me. Walking through it has changed my perspective and my life in very profound ways. I now know, and can articulate with conviction, who I am, what I value, what I have to offer, and where I would like to contribute. I am also aware of how I am (and will continue to be) challenged to grow. I can think of no better preparation for a full and rewarding life, and no better way to meet my challenges head on!"

Sarah Prodan, PhD, Scholar, Professor, Author, Singer-Songwriter

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